About Me

My name is Amy Greer.  I am a lawyer, librarian and qualitative researcher by training, and a storyteller and advocate by nature.

Most recently, I served as a public defender in Alaska, handling the misdemeanor docket in a small, diverse island in Southeast. I have also worked as an archivist, public librarian, and grantmaker.

I have a PhD in Library and Information Studies from Simmons University, where I focused my research on race, white racial identity development, and policy. Additionally, I attended the Roger Williams University School of Law and received my J.D., passing the Uniform Bar Exam in 2020. Finally, I majored in and studied theater and performance at both Wheaton College and the University of Pittsburgh.


As a trained qualitative researcher it is important that I situate my identity and standpoint, to let you know who I am and where I come from. I am a white, cisgendered, heterosexual, middle-class, highly educated woman, which means I stand in a place of great privilege in U.S. society. I have primarily lived in New England, with brief stints in the Mid-Atlantic, the South, and Alaska. 

Many years ago, I committed myself to educating myself, growing a vocabulary to participate in conversations around race, and being active in transformative justice efforts. That said, I have been enculturated to see the world in a very particular way. As a white person in the U.S., I am engaging in the constant work of evolving and growing after regularly making mistakes, saying or doing the wrong thing, and related challenges from undoing the programming of whiteness. I regularly bump into blindspots, biases, and prejudices that inform my worldview, and then do my very best to address them.

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